Friday, April 19, 2013

Deadpool Boot Camp

Marvel War of Heroes newest event Deadpool Bootcamp is the same as the other raid events so you could just as easily read those posts for a lot of the information and it will still be the same. That information being:

1) If you want to rank well you need raider cards, the higher the rarity the better.
2) Loaning out raid cards to friends when you sleep and them loaning them to you are both great ways to maximize points while minimizing cost.
3) Some people will let you rent theirs if you have collateral. (I still recommend only using people you know because your collateral is worth far more after the event)
4) Be highly active but passive for the first half (attack but don't use RDS/PP)
5) Use all your stored RDS/PP for enraged bosses

Group Raiding

Those are the cliff notes. But this time I'm going to talk about something that not a lot of people do. Group sharing/questing. This is a great way for lower level Alliances to do well.

During Shield Training people are able to coordinate so several are on at once but during Raid Events it very much becomes an every man for themselves attitude. I'm not saying this is wrong, the requirement of Raider cards makes it being a group activity tough. But it's not impossible.

Attacking other peoples raid bosses gives you a damage bonus, and every little bit helps. If you reasonably got 10-20 Alliance members on simultaneously when enraged bosses were popping up and did some power summoning of bosses you could give yourselves quite a bonus.

The way it would work is you attack only your enraged bosses. Attack them once then share. If everybody does this once, not only will you get a damage bonus for enraged but you will also get one for supporting a friend. With everybody doing it, everybody would benefit. It also would turn a boring solo grind activity into something a little more fun if you set up a few times to do this after enraged bosses started popping up.

It's also a nice way for people who maybe can't afford the best raider cards to get an edge.


Deadpool will be insanely priced. I'm not sure how high he will go, but I believe he'll be higher than any of the other reward cards. The reason for this is two things. The first is that he is a top notch speed card with a Relatively High Proc to pure attack. This is the card people stacking Spider-man have been waiting for. Second, come on, that art is hilarious and unique.

So, if you were going to push in a Raid Event this year...I'd recommend this one.