Raid Events

Marvel War of Heroes currently has released Raid Events and Shield Training Events, each with its own nuances. This will focus on Raid Events

Raid Events (The Avengers, X-Men):

Raid Events are events where players proceed through quests and have a random chance at summoning a boss. Once the boss is summoned players have a variable amount of time for defeating the boss either alone, or by asking for help from team/alliance members. Players gain points based on the damage they do to the boss as well as bonuses for dealing the finishing blow and doing the most damage.

Shards are also gained from these bosses in various colors. These shards can be traded in for random rewards varying from Silver, cards, Personal Power Packs, Personal Energy Packs, etc. Shards are gained based on who discovered the boss, speed at which the boss is defeated, as well as breaking the bosses parts (accomplished by attacking with raider cards or an alignment he is weak against). Different shard colors offer different quality of rewards. There are rewards based on common shards, uncommon shards, and rare shards.

Common Shard Rewards consist 1/2 Power Pack Kits, 1/2 Energy Pack Kits, Low amounts of silver, low amounts of rally points, ISO-8, and Vibranium.

Uncommon Shard Rewards consist of Personal Power Packs, Personal Energy Packs, 1/2 Power Pack Kits, 1/2 Energy Pack Kits, Medium amounts of silver, Medium amounts of rally points, ISO-8, Vibranium, and Raider Cards.

Rare Shard Rewards consist of Personal Power Packs, Personal Energy Packs, 1/2 Power Pack Kits, 1/2 Energy Pack Kits, Large amounts of silver, Large amounts of rally points, ISO-8, Vibranium, Ultimate Card Pack Tickets, SR Cards, SSR Cards.

Raid events have two parts to them. Part one consists of low/mid level powered bosses that drop shards of the low and mid level variety. This is normally the first half of the event. Players generally use this time to defeat bosses and gather shards which they exchange hoping to get Power Packs and Raider Cards. The silver and rally points are normally used to enhance any Raider cards they gain. During this time many players spend more time preparing and do not use much PP.

Part two consists of mid/high level powered bosses that drop shards of the mid and high level variety. This begins normally halfway through the event. During this time enraged bosses appear which have very large amounts of health and receive bonus damage from cards. These bosses appear normally once out of every five to ten bosses. They can appear with more or less frequently based on luck. Ideally, you want to attack these targets exclusively and ignore any bosses that aren't enraged.

How to do well:
During part one of the event it's mostly about using up your normal attack points to gain shards and gaining as many points as you can. You trade shards in hoping to gain Power Packs and Raider cards. You should aim to hit every boss that looks like it will go down once, and ideally only strike bosses that will die. Since you only gain points for bosses that die, it's important to attempt this. You gain the most shards by having the discovery bonus so it's important to discover bosses and share them. You gain the second highest amount of shards by destroying a part of the boss which normally occurs if the boss is going to be defeated. If you can maximize discovery and part breaking while making sure to defeat the bosses you attack, you should accumulate large amounts of PP/Raider Cards.

Once Part two begins the tactics change somewhat. Any boss that is not enraged should be ignored in both supporting and the ones you find. Do not share these with your friends because they will not attack them. People only attack enraged bosses so if you focus on discovering five bosses while hitting and sharing only the enraged ones, you will accumulate large amounts of rare shards. Your friends will attack enraged bosses giving you large amounts of shards for discover and armor breaking. Going forward you have two options. You can either aim for rewards, or you can aim to gather PP and other shard rewards.

  • The reason you may aim for PP/Shard rewards is if you don't have the ability to attain the ranking you want. To attain high PP/Shards you want to focus on finding enraged bosses, hitting them once, and sharing. Your team will normally deal with them quickly and you will gain huge amounts of shards without spending PP
  • If you want to attain a higher ranking, you want to attack your enraged bosses to just over fifty percent of their health and then share. This will ensure you get the bonus for doing the most damage. If anybody asks for help on enraged bosses you want to focus heavily on it. The reason for this is it costs less to attack friends bosses than your own. This way you gain more points for the energy you spend. After that it's all about spending your HP. 
You can borrow high level Raider cards from friends or order mates and base your PP expenditures around those time frames. If you have good friends you trust with this you can pool your best Raider cards and share them in the same manner. This allows you to hit like top level players and make the most out of your PP.

Only attack/share enraged bosses during part two of the event. Since you only get points if the boss is defeated, it's important to only attack/share bosses that will go down, and people are unlikely to attack non enraged bosses.


  1. Hey mate
    As the new raid looms closer, I was wondering which cards from the previous enforcement training are likely to be raider cards. Cheers

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