Sunday, January 6, 2013

Card Cost Fluctuations

So recently, primarily at high levels, there has been some fluctuations on card prices. I felt this deserves to be addressed in a post.

Recently there has been a flood of players looking primarily for Bruiser alignment cards and quite a few moving out of speed alignment. This was caused primarily as a result of prices in the game. Speed cards have been extremely high priced for some time causing a lot of frustration to players, and tactics defense cards have also been rising in price as a result of cards like Cap America.

Players in response have decided, what the hell am I thinking? I could purchase a deck with 5-10k more base and better buffs for the same price as a speed counterpart! This shift has caused speed cards to be slightly less sought after and Bruisers to be slightly more so. This is simply the market evening out. Where Rage of Bahamut offers a buff to encourage players to stick with a certain alignment, there is nothing in Marvel War of Heroes that forces players to stick with the same alignment. This freedom of movement will eventually result in all alignments evening out to similar prices.

The key in this type of market is not to panic and think your speed cards are all of a sudden worth less, but to simply understand that all three alignments are becoming more evenly priced. In the end trades will probably be decided based on a buff for buff basis anyway.

So, don't panic that you all of a sudden see things changing up, they are simply balancing.


  1. Yeah I've been Bruiser for a while now and found that I couldn't get the same trades I would've made a couple of weeks ago.

    I imagine it will make degrade bruiser buffs much more valuable in the near future too.

    1. Alignment degrades will never really hit high levels. The problem with them is that they are too specific and uncontrolled. There's no way of being sure what type of defense/offense your opponent will be using and your degrade may end up worthless.

      Generally only degrades to all are the only ones that hold value.

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    3. completey disagree with you Lucarda on alignment debuff cards, especially those that fall in the Group A ability realm. With all the elite Defense Leaders going full out Tactics def decks, the SSR Wolverine card made a ton of sense for me. And for some reason at the time, about 2 weeks ago, very easy to trade for. So I went after as many as I could find, and I'm sure glad I did.

      You have to remember, each debuff your attack cards do to the opponent's def hand, limits the amount they get from their abilities when their turn is up. It's a double whammy, and a no brainer for me vs those elite Tactics Def decks.

      Also, it is very easy to see what your opponent is using in their Def Deck, just send out a scout, before attacking with your full force.

    4. They will never hit high prices, you can disagree but prices are dictated by the majority of players and the majority of players don't find specially tailored cards valuable.

      Boost to Bruiser/Speed/Tactics and Boost/Degrade (all) consistently hold the highest values because of the control and consistency in performance they offer. Degrades will not hit those prices in a vast majority of circumstances.

      Degrades to specific alignments are one trick ponies.

    5. I'm not saying degrades aren't powerful. I'm saying that people won't value them the same as boosts.

    6. Okay, I see what you're saying now, high level value in terms of the meta. Makes sense then how you put it.

      For me, my value is in the "power" of the card. So I value debuff cards at a high level, which is good for me, since the general population don't as much.

      Matter of opinions, hope I'm not coming off as rude, wasn't my intent. You are very knowledgable when it comes to this game. :)

    7. Naw, not rude at all.

      I know several people who do have special captain buster decks simply to take down defense leader, and its understandable.