Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fantastic Four Raider Cards

The Fantastic Four Raider Cards are used to do additional damage to the boss. These cards are completely necessary to ranking highly in the Fantastic Four Raider Event in Marvel war of Heroes.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 1:

Fantastic Four Raider Card Sky Rider Silver Surfer

Sky-Rider Silver Surfer: 1000% upgrade on ATK! 2000% when Fused! The damage cap on this card is removed allowing it to hit over the previous 99999 cap. Only attainable in trade or from card packs.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 2:

Marvel war of heroes Idol of Millions The Thing

Idol of Millions The Thing: 800% upgrade on ATK! 1700% when Fused! Damage cap of 99,999. Only attainable in trade or from card packs.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 3:

Marvel War of Heroes Unseen Power Invisible Woman

Unseen Power Invisible Woman: 400% upgrade on ATK! 900% when Fused! Attainable from Red Shard Packs or trade.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 4:

Marvel war of heroes Diamond Lady Emma Frost

Diamond Lady Emma Frost: 250% upgrade on ATK! 600% when Fused! Attainable from previous event or trade.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 5: 

Matchstick Johnny Human Torch: 150% upgrade on ATK! 400% when Fused! Attainable from Red Shards packs or trade.

Fantastic Four Raider Card 6:

Mister Elastic Mr. Fantastic: 120% upgrade on ATK! 300% when Fused! Attainable from pretty much any type of card pack and trade.


  1. My fused +ssr Thing has gone over the 99,999 damage cap on Bruiser day. Not by much but definitely over.

  2. Alittle off topic, but earlier this month you were talking about the ability Boom iso-8. After a couple of weeks, I just wondering what is the current trade value of one?

    Btw, your tips on the Fantastic four event is awesome...


    1. 30PP Pretty solid. If no more are given in an event before the next HW though I could see their value rising a little with Defense Leaders trying to up their skill levels right before the war.

  3. I am a bite confused on how maximize attack power of my cards I got a professor x to only 7000 attack and u are suppose to be able to get him up to 10000 attack what am I doing wrong

    1. You first max levels through boosting.

      You then max mastery by battling.

      You then fuse the two cards that are both max levels and mastery and then max level and master the final form. The final form will have just over 10k.