Monday, February 25, 2013

Finishing an Event

People are built differently. Some people will fight a losing battle to the end, others will cut their the losses and move on, but some people will always win.

Now, I have been that blind bull that pushes a losing battle until the very end...I don't like it. Generally, I only do that when I'm particularly angry or don't care. This is probably the worst case scenario for anybody who wants to profit off of an event. The reason is, when you push hundreds of PP into a losing battle, you're gimping yourself for the next one. It's a Pyrrhic Victory. People can literally 'win' themselves into the poor house.

Now, I've been the second type of person as well, that guy who cuts his losses. This will normally be the result of frustration and I compare it to flipping the monopoly board. Realistically, this is me throwing a hissy fit that I'm not going to get where I want and I've already invested X amount and I'm just done. I used to be more like this in games, and even now I will get this way for a short time. The key is to step back and look at everything, and this leads into the third type of people.

Always winning. Some people will finish every event with more than they put in. This is almost always accomplished by people who step back and look at all facets of the game and where they are at. It's accomplished when people look at the time tables of games and graph highs and lows. This is the type of gamer I am now. Although I'm always susceptible to one and two, I tend to end up at this point.

In MMOs I've graphed and tracked auction house data down to how certain times of day effected prices. I did this to the point I almost got banned in vanilla WoW for messing with the entire market on my server. In free to play MMOs I've identified needs of players and used that to get people to gift me cash shop items which I then sold for huge profit.

Now, I know, that appears like a huge waste of time for some, but I often find engaging in those activities more fun than talking politics in chat.

What's this have to do with Marvel?

Simple, we are at that point in the event where players are deciding whether they are going to be the bull, cut their losses, and some are looking at profiting.

During these last couple of days if you want to bull it, do it. It's awesome when you hit your target, but if you miss, it's infuriating. If you're going to quit frustrated at all the issues that occurred this event...that's your right. But I'm saying there's an alternative.

Some players are quitting and selling their event cards cheap, other players are intending to bull their way through and are picking up event cards. If you're smart you can clear about 10 PP as a middleman for trades. Look for people selling a card for a certain amount...let them know you might have a buyer, go into one of your other trade chats and ask if anybody wants to buy x card for (Their Price+5-10PP.) If you have somebody who says yes, tell the person you'll buy it and you clear the profit.

Not only that, there are people who are selling their solid non-raid cards at a discount to get that last bit of PP to push. One guy in my Alliance during the Dr. Doom Event Liquidated his entire deck during the last couple days to earn 2 Dooms. If you buy low at the end of the event, you can normally sell for a profit down the road.

Finally, have fun. Do what you think will result in the most fun for you. I find this type of thing fun, but if you'll have more fun blindly pushing, that's what you should do. If you're not having fun, it's fine to take a break.

The message I'm trying to push here is to look at the greater picture for this event and try to profit where you can. Whether you win or lose is entirely up to how active you are willing to be and how broad a view you can achieve. Yes, its a lot for an android TCG, but that's because this is how I have fun.


  1. I came into this event intent on getting a couple of new(est) event Spideys. I'm sitting at rank 1000 and plan to sit back and guard my rank against too much drop tomorrow.
    Now I'm just farming pp in prep for next shield training. All in all, I consider it an attainable, easy win.

  2. I suppose I am in the "cutting my losses" subset. Venom was never in reach as far as I am concerned, unless I was willing to trade for an elite raider pair... So I built up my SWs as they came and intended to place top 5k as I have done in previous raid events, earning the SSR Spidey for my efforts. RDS really kicked me in the shins, but I plodded on, spending only a few packs on speed days to maximize points and kills for green shards when they were there for the taking. I slowed up when I learned about the glitch, having dropped from 8k to 13k overnight, but jumped back in this past weekend. Now it's the last day and I am sitting around 7k. The gap is currently 670,000 points, which would cost me 34 packs to make up, and quite a bit more to maintain I am sure. For the SSR Spidey. No, thank you.
    As it stands I am going to end the event with about 15 more PPP and 40 more PPK than I started with, leaving me in decent shape for the next Training, I hope.

  3. They did a good job with the bug fix having all ppl who abused it get nothing but I wish they got their points reset to zero