Friday, February 8, 2013

No Time No time

Alright readers! I gotta make this fast because today is just not a day I have time, but I HAVE to post on the updates.

Item 1:

Marvel War of Heroes just released a battling event that is currently running.  If you ran straight to your page instead of reading home you may have missed it. You gain ISO-Shards that can be traded for chances at personal resources that are good for the next event.


If you didn't see it, hit home, its on the menu there.

Item 2:

Despite the game not saying it before, Sentinel and Black Cat will both be raider cards. Your Sentinels are worth 10-15PP as a result. Don't get scammed on them. Black Cats you can probably skate by getting 2-3PP each for them depending on buyers.

Item 3:

If you had ULTIMATE CARD PACK TICKETS as rewards, hold onto them. If you thought raider cards for Fantastic Four were expensive, this event will hit higher. Not only is it a sought after UR for Bruiser which they are lacking in, but it's also VENOM, one of peoples favorite comic villains.

Item 4:

I will have proper updates tomorrow. Sorry, that's all I had time for today.


  1. Do you have an email that I can contact you with questions about the game...I just can not seem to figure some things out.

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    2. Please refrain from linking to other sites. Especially Neoseeker as they are cocksuckers who prevent people from linking to my site.

    3. Peter,

      Generally I'm really good about answer any questions posed in the comments section. On my Rage of Bahamut site I have over 1500 responses to questions.

      If you really must email me for some reason, use Generally, it takes me longer to respond to emailed questions than posted ones though.

  2. Replies
    1. Power Packs. They are the main trading currency of the game. Chances are you have a bunch of personal power packs, but NON personal ones can only be gained by spending money on the game so they tend to be what people trade cards for.

      If you're coming from Rage of Bahamut, PP is Marvels version of HP.

  3. Replies
    1. Legend Card Pack. Sorry, I should have just used the term CP for card pack. Legend Card Pack is a habit I have from Rage of Bahamut. I should have referred to it as Ultimate Card Pack Tickets.

  4. No worries. So when should we use them, if we're not really keen on trading?

    1. When the new card packs that contain chances at gaining the Raider cards for Spiderman vs Venom. If you are lucky enough to pull whatever the UR version of the Raider card is, you can either use it or sell for a MAMMOTH amount during the event.