Sunday, February 3, 2013

SHIELD Training 3 Reward Values

Because of the popularity of my post about the reward values for the Fantastic Four Event I decided to create one for the rewards of the SHIELD Training 3. Although many people were dissatisfied by the fact that once again rewards for being a top level Alliance are horribly lagging behind individual rewards, they are still better than what other TCG offer.

One thing to note is that no cards have mentioned whether or not they would be useful in the next event. 

Ferrous Hero Iron Man

Marvel war of heroes guide Ferrous Hero Iron Man

Ferrous Hero Iron Man is a pretty solid SSR for people who are just starting into SSR on their decks, but substantially inferior to many other SSR. Because of his mammoth versatility his buff is substantially weaker than other cards. His final stats are predicted to be around 10700 attack and 10300 defense, making him a jack of all trades card. But, with the increasing popularity of Tactics cards in the game I wouldn't be surprised to see him going for 20PP.

Ability Boom ISO-8s

Marvel war of heroes guide Ability Boom ISO-8

Rewards for top level players in addition to the Iron Man card these are the true reward for participating in the event. Ability Booms have traditionally sold for a steady 30PP each. Recently I've seen them going for as low as 25PP each in my trade chats. I assume they will drop and remain at 25PP for sometime, especially now that many high level players have skill 10d most of their cards already.

Mutant Hunter Sentinel

Marvel War of Heroes Guide Mutant Hunter Sentinel

A solid SR offensive wing card Mutant Hunter Sentinal offers a nice boost to its own attack for a bruiser deck. There is always a possibility despite it not being mentioned that Sentinel can be used in the next raid event. I don't find it likely, but hold onto it until you know for sure. If it is usable in the next raid event, you will probably be able to sell it for 10-15PP each.

Fickle Fortune Black Cat

Marvel War of Heroes Guide Fickle Fortune Black Cat

Did we really need another Black Cat card? Oh well. Much like Sentinel, if it's usable in the next event it will have SOME value. If it's not usable in the next event it will be a nice addition to some lowbies deck since it is a degrade to all ability.


  1. Do you think Mobage is getting away from having reward cards acting as assault cards in the subsequent raid? It make sense from a business stance as it forces players to the Ultimate cards as the primary source of assault cards. It would end my viability, as I am not a paying player and have built my decks by spending time on events in-game.

    1. I'm honestly not sure. There have been times in the past where cards were listed as having Raid abilities and didn't have them (Phoenix) and other cards were not listed as having raid abilities and did have them (She-Hulk).

      I doubt they would move away from it, because it's an intelligently designed system to help players who maybe didn't rank well in the previous event, move up in ranking in the next one.

  2. How do you sell cards in this game?

    1. Friend network. Once you are in an order for two weeks you can trade/sell within the Order or your team list. With people you can trust you can use them as middlemen and trade with all of their fellows. So technically, if you have a card you're selling for 10PP, you can Rally every order member and every one of their Team members with the message "Selling X for Y"

      For higher level players there are massive trade networks in line to sell/buy cards.