Sunday, November 18, 2012

Avengers Recap

 War of Heroes Avengers Guide
So, having been my first event in Marvel: War of Heroes, I would say I didn't do too poorly. Of course it took me halfway through the event before I learned some pretty important aspects to the event.

Fortunately with what I learned I will be ready for the next event. Personally I think this event is severely flawed because of the way it distributes points to the players, but overall it was an awesome way to gain a ton of silver and feeders for my deck.

The way The Avengers event works is a specific boss is attacking and the Avengers are called to defend against the boss. The boss has a specific weakness that shifts daily between Bruiser, Speed, and Tactics. The boss has two health bars, one is for Parts, the other is for Health. A boss is defeated once his health is depleted, but if his Parts are destroyed the player gets a bonus. The rewards for defeating a boss are ISO-Shards which can be traded in for cards. 

Player ranking is determined by points throughout the the event. The points a player gains also goes toward their team ranking. Event rewards are decided based on players/teams points and in order to qualify for certain tiers of team rewards, a players individual points need to meet a threshold.

How Points are Gained:
In the Marvel Avengers event player ranking was determined by the points that they earned. Unfortunately the way to earn points if flawed. You only gain points if you generate the most damage out of the group or if you deal the finishing blow. This means that if you blow all your attack on a boss and deal 49% of the damage, then ask for team members help you could end up with zero points.

How Shards are Gained:
There are two types of shards, green and purple. Green shards are gained by damaging the main health, purple shards are gained by damaging parts. In essence parts damage is enhanced by using the daily alignments cards and is recommended. As long as the boss is defeated and you contributed you will gain shards.

How to Make the Most of Avengers:
Because of the function of points players have to kind of be asses to gain points.

Rule 1: Always do 51% or more of the damage to a boss before asking for help. This way you will get the star agent bonus and the points that go along with it.

Rule 2: Only heavily contribute in fights where you can either perform the finishing blow or do 51% of the damage as these are the only two ways to get points from a boss.

Rule 3: Always save a low power card to do one attack. Do one attack on every boss available. As long as you attack once you will gain ISO-Shards to purchase cards.

Chances are this will be a recurring event so hopefully this helps people on the next event. I can tell you I didn't realize how points were attained and probably cost myself 1000-2000 in ranking by just attacking bosses and receiving no points.

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