Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shield Enforcement Training

Starting on November 30th and ending on December 5th Marvel War of Heroes will be running their Shield Enforcement Training Event.

The event revolves around players facing off against other alliances to achieve valor points and ranking. There will be rewards based on a players individual ranking as well as the Alliance Ranking of the player. These are arguably the most important events in Marvel War of Heroes because not only do they yield the highest rewards for players and their alliance, but the ranking attained here is important to recruiting powerful players.

Individual Ranking
Individual ranking is based purely on the valor you attain during Shield Enforcement Training. It is common that more powerful opponents will give more points. Valor can also be increased if the player has the attack leader, defense leader, vice leader, and alliance leader rank within their orders. If a player is normally worth 100 valor, an alliance leader will be worth 150. You must win a battle in order to gain points, losses will yield nothing. If you are not powerful enough to attack alliance members for points, you can also attack the shield barrier for points.

Alliance Ranking
Alliance Ranking is also based on the valor attained during Shield Enforcement Training. The major difference is that it is the team accumulation of points and there is an overall victory/defeat at stake. In order to rank highly as an alliance it is important to coordinate attacks so players can make the most of their attack power. You cannot carry alliance ranking solo to a high rank, it requires contribution from all members.

Barriers are built before the Shield Enforcement Training and cost silver, so donate to your order so they can build barriers. Barriers cut the points enemies receive in half. Once the barrier is down the opposing team will gain full point values. Because of the heavy difference, if your order does not have a barrier, it will lose almost every match.

Defense Leader
Before alliance members can be attacked, the defense leader must be defeated. Because of this it is important to test to make sure you can defeat an alliances defense leader. If you are unable to beat a defense leader, you should save your attack and power packs until the next Enforcement Training.

ISO-8 Shards
You will gain ISO-8 Shards for participating in battle, so be sure to participate every time to maximize cards packs. Even if you are only able to attack with a weaker deck once during a battle make sure to do it in order to gain shards for card packs.

1) Don't have inactive/really weak players in your alliance. A weak player can be targeted continually.
2) Defense leaders prevent everybody from being attacked, having a powerful one prevents an enemy from acting against you.
3) Taking down barriers as a team will help the entire team net more points.
4) Make sure enough of your members are contributing so you can purchase barriers.
5) Remember the role your assigned to. If you are defense leader attack, but make sure to keep a powerful defense deck 


  1. I'm curious about Protection Walls - I can only research 6 at a time, and my alliance can only use 5 in a Training fight. Are walls persistent? If they aren't destroyed do they stay till the next fight? Thanks!

    1. Walls are persistent. You only need to rebuild what's destroyed.