Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rage of Bahamut vs Marvel

For my first post on this blog I thought it would be most beneficial to do a comparison between Rage of Bahamut and Marvel: War of Heroes.

Most people would recognize me from my blog about Rage of Bahamut. Having played Rage of Bahamut since before the second Holy War, I have come to realize a lot of intricacies of that game. Recently I started playing Marvel: War of Heroes and feel it has a lot of potential.

Marvel: War of Heroes is another trading card game from Mobage. Obviously I titled this post Rage of Bahamut vs Marvel, hence I will not be wasting time discussing what a TCG is nor will I be wasting my time on this comparison explaining how to advance in them. Instead, I will assume the reader of this has some background with Rage of Bahamut and will focus more on what marvel has going for it and against it.

Immediately I will say Marvel has a huge advantage over Rage because of the popular lore. Marvel has developed some of the most popular characters of all time and they make appearances in the cards. I remember collecting comic trading cards when I was younger and this game really hooks that part of me. The gameplay mirrors Rage almost identically past that with some variations.

Cool Things in Marvel:

1) Comic Book Heroes
2) Only needing to evolve two cards to reach final form
3) Team bonuses (Will touch on this shortly)

Dumb Things in Marvel:

1) Card art quality is random
2) Two week limitations on trading and no auction house system to supplement
3) All Energy/Attack/Defense boosters I've seen thus far are bound to account
4) The number of heroes at the moment is very small (Will touch on this shortly)

Team Bonuses: This is by far the coolest thing about deck assembly in Marvel: War of Heroes. When you create an attack or defense deck all cards have their normal bonuses you are used to. They will boost your deck or debuff opponents decks in various numbers but those buffs/debuffs are supplemented. Depending on what cards you have in your deck, certain cards will gain special buffs. For example if you have all Male Heroes, you will get a buff. If you have Wolverine/Punisher you'll get a buff. This creates huge levels of variations in decks. Just awesome.

Number of Heroes: Ok, so the game has lots of cards, but it reuses heroes. It's not all bad but it almost seems like there is a duplicate hero in every rarity bracket. Marvel has no shortage of heroes/villains so I don't really see a reason to use so many duplicates. Have four Thor cards with different titles is unnecessary.

Marvel vs Rage: Rage is a vastly superior game at the moment, but that is no reason not to get into Marvel at the ground floor. Currently no trading makes the game a grindfest with very little to do other than keep questing. With all the energy/attack/defense boosters being bound to your account I struggle to see what the main currency will be if an auction house is ever released. Building decks/making money is damn near impossible because of the trade bans, but fortunately the devs are being very generous with rare/sr/ssr/ultra rare drop rates.

If you're a Marvel fan and enjoy trading card games, I'd suggest picking it up. Don't drop Rage of Bahamut just yet though because with no trading and only grinding available, there is still a lot to be desired in Marvel: War of Heroes.


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