Saturday, November 24, 2012

(Leopardess) Tigra and Shield Training

Marvel war of Heros Leopardess Tigra Reward 

I feel that Leopardess deserves her own post since I'm sure a lot of questions are revolving around her for the next event. For those who don't know she is listed as having a weak ability to partially intensify ATK and DEF of all your cards, but then has an asterisk an comment: Exclusive ability for the upcoming Special Training Event. This leaves a lot of people wondering what the exclusive ability is.

Well, I will list the likely possibilities for the possible abilities. First I will let you know that this event should mirror Rage of Bahamuts Holy Wars. Holy Wars in Rage of Bahamut is the only event where players are pitted directly against each other and the only event that utilizes Walls. This mirrors the description of alliances against each other and Protection Walls to protect your alliance. Both games are developed by Mobage and recently there was a cross over in that Rage introduced 'Frost Shards' similar to ISO-Shards in an event. Because of these similarities I'm fairly certain in my predictions.

Wall Breaker: 
Although I think cards like Juggernaut would be more suited to the role, its possible she's a Wall Breaker. The walls have very high health but also receive greatly reduced damage from normal decks attacking them. For example, if your deck normally does 40k, the wall may only take 5k damage. A Wall Breakers ability multiplies that damage, so where you may normally only do 5k, a Wall Breaker may boost you up to 10-15k.

Point Boost:
I think this is the more likely card only because it doesn't make sense that a speed card should be a Wall Breaker. A point boost card would result in additional valor points being rewarded upon victory in a fight. The amount of points normally seems very small, but they add up quickly over the course of the event.

These are the two most likely abilities, with Point Boost being the most likely in my opinion.


  1. Awesome guide mate! Very helpful! Keep it going! :)

    1. Thanks! I always try to make quality guides since there are so many crap ones out there.