Saturday, November 17, 2012


One of the more interesting things in Marvel: War of Heroes is the mastery system. Every card has a certain mastery number, once that number is hit the stats of the card increase significantly.

What is the point of mastery?

I see mastery serving several purposes. Purpose one being that it gives people something to work toward other than simply feeding cards for skill ups and levels. The second purpose is it adds an extra dimension to the basic two card evolution.

Some tips on mastery:

1) Max a cards mastery before evolving it in order to gain the bonus stats. This normally equals something around 100 attack points and 100 defense points per card but it all depends on the amount of stats given as the mastery bonus.

2) When a card is evolved at maximum mastery (lets say for this example it's 30) it will retain that 30 mastery in its final form. So if you have two max mastery cards you're evolving the final one will have 60 mastery out of whatever the evolved cards requirement is.

3) The fastest way to gain mastery is to attack opponents that are higher level than you. You will gain 3/4 Mastery for each card in the attack deck. If the opponent is lower level you gain 1pt. If you have one card you're looking to gain mastery on and you find somebody with really low defense you can do multiple attacks with a one card deck to gain quickly.

4) You can randomly gain mastery during quests. The card chosen to gain mastery is from an attack/defense deck that is the TOP PRIORITY, but the deck can not be the 'recommended' you need to custom create and increase priority on it. If all cards in it are mastered, a random card will gain the points.

Hope this helps people understand mastery.


  1. Hi Lucarda! Good to see u in marvel as well :)

    Note on mastery: the card that gets mastered via quest is always from the top priority deck. So put one card in an attk deck and make that deck top priority to ensure the same card always get mastered

    Tips on quick mastery: find high level stam accounts, and make a list of them with only 10def power. U can battle each of them 3x a day, and 5 mastery each if levels r much higher than yours (?maybe >5 level above, have to test). U can easily master a few cards this way in a day.

    Hope this helps :)

    Looking forward to more posts!!

    1. Oooh. I didn't know the mastery continued to grow the higher the level. And those high level accounts with 10 def prolly have lots of silver too :)

      Edited to list #4 to say Deck is top priority.

  2. just started the game a few weeks ago an was wondering about how to master cards faster an certain ones, glad I found your forum thanks, I've been your to Rage one that one helps out as well.

    1. the best way to master the cards is to attack high level people with only 10 defense. As long as their defense is at least 1000pts they will give +5 Mastery each attack.

  3. so far the ones i've found to attack with the card I'm working on is only 3 but helps none the less, thanks again for this an the Rage of Bahamut blogspot you have going

    1. try Trcoba3 and Trcoba4. They're in the 70s.

  4. After maximizing the mastery of the 2 cards then fusing them, would you recommend
    1) maximizing the mastery of the evolved card first, then max boost or
    2) maximizing the boosting to 100%, then maximize mastery?

    Thanks for all your work putting this blog together!