Friday, November 23, 2012

Secret Agent Black Widow Referral Card

Marvel war of Heros Secret Agent Black Widow

Marvel War of Heroes is a relatively new trading card game so it didn't surprise me when they released a pretty nice referral card, it always helps getting people in the door. Over time as cards tune up I'm sure we'll find Secret Agent Black Widow will turn out to be weak in comparison, but as far as new decks go, she's solid.

She is the only card at the moment that requires four cards to hit final form making her more expensive to max than normal rare cards though.

Her final form stats are around 6500 atk/def and she comes with a 9% boost to all cards attack and defense. Although the boost doesn't seem great, it's really solid in comparison to most easily accessible cards.

When compared with Rare Nova evolved into SR, she has 400 more attack and a better buff. Although she is still lower than true SR cards.

The nice part is with the game being so new, there are a lot of people out there to join that need to be referred. I would highly recommend players new to Marvel War of Heroes try to gather a deck of Secret Agent Black Widow.


  1. To get maximum potential out of a U Rare Widow - would you need 8 Rares? Similar to Blood Brothers:
    (4)r + (4)r = (4)sr then, 2(sr) + (2)sr = (2)ssr, and finally (1)ssr + (1)ssr = U Rare. Or am I missing something about how this game works?

    1. To get maximum potential yes you would use 8 while maxing Mastery and level each time. This is a complete waste of time.

      If you use 6 cards splitting them into two group of three, turn them into two ++ versions of them and maxing mastery before merging into +++ you will end up with stats at 6285 and 6007.You only lose 150 attack and defense by doing it this way and it saves you a fortune.

      This evolution style is known as a 6-2 in Rage of Bahamut where four cards are necessary for all evolutions.