Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Jingle and a Tingle Stocking

 Marvel War of Heroes Jingle and a Tingle Stocking

Ok, I decided to make an emergency post on this item after I found out somebody thought it was a card to sell for 10,000 Silver. The holiday stocking in Marvel War of Heroes is going to be able to be fused with the stocking given on the last day. It is meant as a surprise for the holiday and will morph into a usable card.

This means hold onto it. I would wager that it turns into a Spider-Man card because, well, the PP on the stocking in conjunction with the use of the word 'tingle' in the name. Hopefully it is an event card since I doubt it will be considerably powerful since every player will be getting one, except for my friend who sold his.

The stocking card cannot be traded, nor can it be gifted meaning we won't know the quality of card until the last day of the campaign.

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