Wednesday, December 5, 2012

X-Men Raider Cards

This will be more of a rant than anything else. The boss in this event is Magneto, the Raider cards are Psychic Katana Psylocke, Cosmic Energy Havok, and Wind-Rider Storm.

Although I find Storm an acceptable X-Men to face Magneto, the other two are just frivolous. Neither Psylocke nor Havok could come anywhere near defeating Magneto. Realistically the card that should have been released was Charles Xavier since he's at least a nemesis. One top of that Phoenix is one of the only X-Men that can defeat Magneto meaning she should have been given the buff for this event.

Magneto is one of the strongest most loved villains in comic book history and half assing card decisions irritates the hell out of me. Just wanted to rant about it.

That being said:

The base cards for Havoc and Storm will offer 300% boosts individually and 800% if fused. It is also possible that one of them will offer a higher buff.

Psychic Katana Psylocke will offer a 600% boost individually and 1800% boost if fused.

I'll wager that 1/2 way through the event another card is released of SSR quality that offers 1000% boost individually and 2500% boost when fused. I can only hope it's an Xavier.

One quick idea:
Being as Magneto has only really been defeated by team efforts outside of bad writing I think there should have been a special combo that did additional damage. For example if you had Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast you have the Uncanny X-Men. But this would have required the developers to care about Marvel.

Just a thought.

**Added after event started**

Actual Raider Cards:
Cosmic Energy Havoc: 200% base, 300% fused bonus. He is one of the unfortunate cards that loses effectiveness when fused. It is still recommended to fuse him since you will save attack power.

Precise shot Hawkeye: 200% base, 300% fused bonus. He is one of the unfortunate cards that loses effectiveness when fused. It is still recommended to fuse him since you will save attack power.

Wind-Rider Storm: 300% base, 700% fused bonus. Good buff overall when fused that is 200% more powerful than one base Psylocke

Lady Liberty She Hulk: 400% base, 600% fused bonus. The final of the unfortunate cards that loses effectiveness when fused. It is still recommended to fuse her since it wills ave on attack power.

Psychic Katana Psylocke: 500% base, 1200% fused. Great buff overall when fused it is 200% more powerful than one base cyclops.

Mind of Matter Xavier: 800% base, 1800% fused. Only being 200% shy of Cyclops makes this probably the most reasonable raid card for this event.

Genuine Leader Cyclops: 1000% base, 2000% fused. The best raider card for this event.

For a solid starting card into the event She-Hulk gives a pretty solid buff until you can gain two storms. After that I recommend running Storm and two she hulks in your attacks. There is no reason to use a full deck of cards in this event unless they are all at a high percentage boost.

Ideally based on price of cards and bonus offered, I would recommend ignoring cyclops. His price will be too high to be worth picking up. Instead focus on grabbing Xavier's and Psyclockes since their buffs are substantial.


  1. Great info! Would we be able to get these cards now?

  2. Is it possible that Phoenix Force is the card that will provide 1000%/2500% damage, similar to how Fury and Hill were wall breaker cards?

    Also, as someone who doesn't play RoB, is it likely the Fury, Hill and the rest of the crew from this event will always be wall breakers, and therefore worth keeping, or will the wall breakers change from event to event?

    1. Save your Hills and Furys. In Rage of Bahamut the wall breakers are always the wall breakers. There's more than fair chance that these cards will always be the wall breakers.

      I think they would have listed Phoenix Force as one already if it was. I would find Phoenix Force agreeable as the 1000/2500 card. I would prefer Xavier though.

    2. Just caught this on the IGN board:

      The gist is that Phoenix is now being underscored as an event card.

    3. Sweet. Thanks for the good news, I just picked two up before this was announced!

  3. I wouldn't doubt Psylocke so much, my friend. You have to remember that she is now an omega level telepath. If she wanted to, she can beat the shadow king one-on-one. Not only that, her telekinesis surpasses that of Rachel Summers. Her TK can punch through a mountain or flatten a town. Storm is at a disadvantage because her lightning can be used against her by Magneto. Havok, well, as strong as his energy powers are, that's all he has.

    1. I've always felt that the writers are too kind to Psylocke. Although she is SUPPOSEDLY on the level of Professor X and Jean Grey it has yet to be tested. Not only that but her power can fluctuate greatly depending on her concentration. This means that only under certain circumstances can she achieve Omega level power. Although one of the writers has said she's Omega level, I haven't seem them push the subject and I think that's because it won't hold up.

      One of the things that has kept Magneto alive and kicking for so long is his pure will. I don't feel she could come close to standing toe to toe with him if she can't even fully control her power, he's pushed back tougher enemies than her.

    2. And yes, I am a Magneto fanboy :P

  4. Nah. Not saying she can defeat Magneto by herself either. I am a Magneto fan myself. Just saying that you shouldn't be harsh to her. Her abilities now far surpasses the mid-level mutant. Yes her psychic powers does fluctuate but so did most mutants' powers when their powers are at their infancy. Her telepathy may seem like "established" but remember that she barely got it back along with a new power set. She's still being re-developed. I just hope the writers would give her a chance to finally shine.

    1. Note that I'm not even referring to her as a high level mutant because she is not an omega mutant. Just an omega level telepath.

    2. It just feels like her rise to power lately is a bit..forced. I think some of the new writers were young fanboys of her tight outfit. (Same reason I love Emma Frost)

      I really think they could have picked better mutants to be offer bonus damage since Psyclocke doesn't really show up in many battle against Magneto. It would be like having Sabertooth as a boss and placing Cyclops as a damage dealer instead of Wolverine.

    3. I do agree with you that it seems off that they would put her as lead character. She's never had any opportunity to be a good "boss" to the team. She's quite impulsive, and quick to sacrifice anything she thinks will accomplish the better good (including herself). Yeah...I personally remember only one battle between her and Magneto in Asteroid M, and she was briefly able to neutralize him because her powers were augmented by Cortez (I think). She was at half-power then, before her powers re-merged with the other half from Kwannon.

      I do, however, have to disagree with you about her rise to power being forced. Even back in the late 80's to early 90's, she's always been described as having telepathic powers that she has not developed to the level of the other three most powerful telepaths in the world, which meant that the writers designed her to be powerful to begin with. They were just waiting for Phoenix to die and let Betsy fill the void, I guess...LOL.

      Come to think of it, the mutants are blessed with powerful telepaths. Aside from the godly beings, no one that is outside of the mutant circle rivals the top four -- Xavier, Phoenix, Emma, Psylocke. Rachel's telepathy is so-so...I guess I would give her the fifth rank. ;p

      Oh, I'm a little out of touch of the Marvel world...I could be wrong. What about Franklin Richards? Oh wait...being born with powers make him a mutant. Never mind...

    4. Franklin could kill them all. Even his limiter is only there of his own accord. He makes sense to be as powerful as he is though given his parents. I have ranted before about him being common one star card.

      People I would like to see as bonus damage to Magneto other than storm:

      (I also think Hulk would be a viable option given his powers)

    5. Hulk's okay...but then it won't be an X-Men battle royale if he's involved. Has to be X-Men-related characters. I know they dealt with him at one point, but I personally won't like to see him battle it out against Maggie.

      Yes...Franklin is one powerful individual. Reminds me of the movie Looper. :)

      They did say that the three cards featured are just SOME of the raider cards. Maybe they're not revealing the more powerful ones? Maybe they'll release the Omega mutants after all.

      Hey...I don't know if you know...but is Storm really considered an Omega? Considering her claustrophobia...doesn't that demote her to an Alpha at the least?

  5. This all goes back to one of your original critiques about how you hate it when people who aren't fans of the genre are the ones creating cards and making events.

    Sad really. This game could be massive! (All the good things from an addictive game like RoB but with an already established fan-base... two really if you think it'll pull some RoB players)