Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Share Non-Enraged Bosses

I know this is a direct contradiction of what I posted yesterday, but hey, things change. All during this event I never had an issue with too many bosses in my queue. Since the enraged bosses came out, my queue has been filled with crap while people keep the enraged bosses for themselves.

At this point, I wouldn't recommend even attacking your own non-enraged bosses, because nobody will help, and you may be kicked from peoples team roster or your alliance. The other day I removed one guy from my team for constantly sharing crap bosses and clogging my queue.

Only attack enraged bosses, only share enraged bosses. They are the only ones you're getting help with.

You've been warned.


  1. Last raid it was fine, but this time, since everyone has lots of free energy packs, it created problems(I think it even caused the downtime)

  2. Yeah, I personally am sitting on a ton of energy packs. I know they can't up the rate of Power Packs otherwise good decks will literally be able to perpetually fight. But this time around it seems insane.