Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shield Enforcement Training Maximizing Points

In Marvel War of Heroes most people want to be able to maximize their points during shield enforcement training for both their Alliance, and themselves. Most of the time maxing your own points will naturally max your alliance points, but there are situations where that's not true.

Maxing Personal Points:
This is pretty easy to do. No matter what you are limited by the number of HP you have but there are a couple of things you can do.

First is wait until a match occurs that has a low defense player, somebody with 10 defense points is ideal. During that match use all of your attacks and power packs to farm this player. Players with only 10 defense pay the maximum amount of points. The reason for this is that the points given are determined partially by level, order rank (leaders), and finally by % of defense left. So if a player has 100 defense and is down to 10 defense, he only pays a little bit until he uses a power pack. If a player has 10 defense and is locked at 10 defense, he pays 100% all the time since he always has 100% of the defense. This is a protection that Mobage puts in to prevent players from not putting any points in defense so they only pay a little.

(Tip: Write down the name of any member an opposing order with 10 defense that is higher level than you. You can farm them later for Mastery)

The next way to maximize personal points is to never let your attack power cap. Every minute spent with capped attack power is a minute of regen lost. If you have less than necessary to attack fully and you know your Alliance isn't going to start another war for sometime, you can either save until then and risk being capped, or attack the wall/core for additional points.

(Tip: Do not start wars because you want to be able to attack. Not only is this disrespectful to your alliance, you'll probably get kicked for doing it.)

Maxing Alliance Points:
There are a couple different philosophies to doing this. One philosophy is a war should always be going. The reason for this is you never actually LOSE points. If you go two hours without a war, that is two hours where people may have attacked and accumulated an extra 200-500pts for your Alliance. This method comes with some downsides though.

The downside of this method is that it risks your walls being down for a real match that your entire team is on for. It also risks your defense leader being low on defense points for the match that your entire team is on for. If you lose these big battles worth 10000 points you only earn 8000. That is a lot of power packs for key players to be out. Not only that but winning gets a bonus of 1500. As you can see, if constant battles result in walls being down or defense leaders not being ready, you risk 3500 points in exchange for the 200-500 points you may have earned from those other wars.

My personal preference of Maxing Alliance Points is simple. You begin by taking the defense leader down, then the walls. If every member attacks the wall, generally they are down. Afterward players farm the other team for double points. Now, the key here is that you don't need to accumulate 10000 points against a team putting up 1000. The Power Packs you use here may be needed during a different match for a victory. Each victory gives an additional 1500 points, that's about 7.5 attacks. Ten wars, that's an additional 75 attacks. 

Try to keep your points low and win as many matches as possible while doing it. This allows players to gain a LOT of bonus points from victories and retain Power Packs for the last day. Alliance match ups are chosen based on people around your rank. That means if your rank stays low/mid and you are really a high ranked Alliance, you will win far more matches, giving far more 1500 point bonuses. It also reduces the risk of you losing 20% of the points earned in a match. The last day you blow up with all your remaining Power Packs. You should be able to accumulate huge amounts of points against the mid ranked alliances, and have a huge amount of Power Packs to use against high ranked orders that are probably running low on Power Packs.

To run an example of this. Lets say an Alliance plays 10 matches a day for four days and has 1000PP between all members, each PP will be worth 200pts for this scenario.

The first order uses up 75% of their PP the first three days to achieve a high rank. They have won 20/30 matches. This means they have achieved 30,000 bonus points. It also means they have lost 20% of their points 10 times. Finally, it means they have 25% of their Power Packs left for the last day.

50% of PP wins + 25% of PP losses  +  Bonus Points = Total points going into last day
  (500PPx200)   +    (250PPx160)   +   30000   =     170k points.

The second alliance in the same scenario uses 50% of their PP the first three days to barely win each of their matches. They have won 30/30 matches but have far fewer points because they used far less PP. They won 30/30 matches.

100% of PP wins + Bonus Points = Total points going into last day
(500PPx200) + 45000 bonus points = 145000. Notice using 250 HP less they are only 25k behind in points.

Going into the last day, team two has 500HP left to burn, increasing chances of winning heavily. On top of this they get to start the day by attacking mid level alliances (probably one or two matches while they rack up mammoth points).

Hopefully this is easy to understand and makes for some interesting reading to think about. This is a philosophy that is regularly used in Rage of Bahamut by Orders.


  1. Haha dude I should have joined your alliance! I csn only dream of those numbers! Mine are getting about 5k max per battle including the bonus! 6 of us battling constantly and the rest haven't turned up! They must be French! I really wanted that phoenix card too! :P

    1. Those numbers are a huge exaggeration for the sake of example. I showed it at a top tier. Actually, the lower ranked your order is, the most important winning is for those bonus points. So if I show the example at the highest level it is multiple times better for lower level.

      My alliance is in the 60s at the moment though which isn't awful.

  2. I wish my alliance wouldn't start wars right after we finish one. It really is a pain but they don't listen. I found this really helpful because I'm basically playing for myself in this event. As for the farming technique on the low defense players, do you attack them with your best deck or are you supposed to attack repetitively with only one card?

    1. The higher attack damage your deck does the more points you gain from it. So I always use the highest available. For example, you attack with 10 attack, you get like 10pts. If you attack with 100 attack you get the full 100 points. Wall down, 200pts.

      My order had issues at the start with people declaring. Now the rule just is, if you start a war, do it during downtime so you don't interfere with alliance battles.

  3. Thanks, I understand it now. And I don't think my alliance will get it together by the end of the event, now we're slowly starting to slip down. It seems like you have a really good alliance going.

    1. I think a lot of people will slowly start to slip. It's a long time for an event like this. In Rage of Bahamut it's a three day event. I imagine since it's the first one and players don't have as much in resources they are making it longer so we can battle more with attack power.

      I myself am cached on Power Packs since I never spend money and used personal power packs in the previous event (huge mistake since my alliance wasn't doing well). I've been burning through Energy Packs to force levels to get extra attacks in. In one battle I burnt through 8 energy packs to gain a level to get two more attacks in since it was that close.

      Don't be too hard on your alliance though. Just make sure they know they don't get bonus points for left over Power Packs. Better to burn them all during an event like this than save them for nothing.

  4. I've seen a couple decently organized alliances lately with no protection walls at all. While we hacked at their solid defense leader they quickly jumped 1200 pts by taking out our wall and then they proceeded on to our def leader. It's almost like they started with a 1200 pt bonus. It's made me rethink trying to keep a 5 stack wall up all the time. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just keep 1 wall up - it doesn't give strong alliances much to farm, yet it will stop a weaker alliance with no strong wall breakers.

    1. The problem you had was you didn't have a proper defense breaker which hurt your ability to take advantage of the fact they didn't have a wall. Had you taken out there defense leader first hit, your team could have taken a 5-10k lead in the time it takes for them to get that 1.2k head start.

      Virtually nobody at high level runs no walls, and we can take them out in under a minute. But that minute can make or break a close match.

      1200pts is virtually nothing. If you're losing by that much, the problem isn't the walls, you need more participation.

    2. We're inching our way up the food chain. We used to rank in the high 4000s then I made some cuts, then we dropped down to just above 2000, then we made some more cuts and threw up a blogger site to communicate, etc. Now we're ranking in the 1300 range as an alliance - but we're mostly free players with fused SRs and a handful of SSRs in our decks. I can break most of the defense leaders I come across, but I think the biggest problem I'm facing now is a lack of PPs. I started with 4, having spent most of them during the Fantastic Four event. Not much help in this raid - I just break the def leader and pop a couple hits on the wall with my 2 perfectly fused Panthers - then I'm out. I need to find a way of holding onto more during the next PvE raid.

    3. When I was starting out in Marvel the biggest change that led to gathering PP for Shield training was not trying to push into Raid. Instead I focused on getting as much PP as possible by hitting every enemy once for shards. This led me to gathering enough PP to be an asset. When that happened I ranked higher in Shield Training which led to better rewards, which in turn led to being able to trade for Raider cards to do better in raid events which leads to even more PP and rewards.

    4. Thanks for the advice - this site and your input have changed my game. Thank you for the hard work!

  5. Well, whatever the top levels are doing, the mid levels are all running wars without walls up. I haven't seen one in three days of training battles. It's become a handicap to have one. I'm holding onto our funds for now and I'll revisit next time round. I'm glad I perfectly fused my Panthers in any case - they replaced my old SR Hawkeye+ cards in my tactics deck.

    1. I would rather give out 1800pts at the cost of the other team spending 5PP than give them 3500pts for that same 5PP. (Guessing 2.5 attacks per PP) and the other team having Wallbreakers.

      The reason people aren't running with walls and it gets more and more frequent at this stage, especially with mid levels, is because they don't have enough donations to sustain the walls.

    2. I get you - in a battle now where it's biting us in the ass - they have 5 walls up and we don't. This raid has been a bumpy one for us - hopefully we walk away with some lessons for the next time.

      On another note - I'm wondering if they'll ever offer a second level of alignment adapters for the alliances?

  6. I've been following your blog for a while, as you know from the comments, and it's a big help. I've gone from the leader of an alliance ranked over 5000 in SHIELD to this week closing around 300 (292 right now). We're not a P2W alliance - we have a couple ringers and each of us has spent some $$, but certainly not a the level or consistency that the top alliances do. Do you think, as the game is now, that there is any viable path to the sub-150 ranks for a mostly free-to-play alliance? I just can't figure how we can squeeze any more blood from this stone...