Saturday, December 8, 2012

Marvel War of Heroes Tips and Tricks

Ok, so there are lots of new players out there and even with the two week waits on trading there are a lot of mistakes people make. These Marvel War of Heroes Tips and Tricks are the quick ten things of what to do and not to do. These are in no particular order.

1) Do not use your ISO-8! It can be used to trade with high level players since leveling cards is absurdly expensive at high levels. With enough you can actually purchase SR cards that can be traded for PP. (A friend of mine for a while was trading 6 ISO-8 for an SR, realistically though expect to get an SR for 9-15 ISO-8)

2) Write down every high level account you find with low defense points. Later on you will want to attack them to gain Mastery. Only accounts with cards equaling 1000 defense will award mastery.

3) Silver can be protected by offering it in a trade to somebody and having them cancel the trade. If you don't claim the silver players attacking you won't be able to get any of it.

4) The rough values of cards are Rares are worth less than a PP, SR are worth 4-8ish PP, SSR are worth 25-50ish PP, UR are worth 75-150ish PP. Be aware of these prices when trading.

5) Do not waste Personal Power/Energy Packs if there is not an event going. You may think it's not a big deal but there will be a situation where you wish you had just one or two more during and event.

6) Purge your inactive friends. Trading can only be accomplished through team and alliance members. If you don't purge inactives you are limiting your trade pool grossly and with two week waits, getting new ones is awful.

7) Join an active allaince. Inactive alliances are the bane of games like this. If your alliance is inactive it costs you trades and ranking. It also ensures the PP you use during events isn't going to get you anywhere.

8) Complete all your special assignments. They offer bonus items and cards that are necessary for events. If you don't complete them you will regret it.

9) Max the mastery on cards you are going to use before you merge them. You greatly reduce the trading value of cards if they are not perfect. If the card is SR or higher, always fuse properly.

10) Don't remove more than one team member a day or you will permanently lose points. You can reallocate points on your account by removing team members or if they remove you, but do not personally remove more than one a day.

These were 10 Marvel War of Heroes Tips and Tricks. 

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