Wednesday, December 5, 2012


The newest event in Marvel War of Heroes will be X-Men and I must say I'm thrilled. The event is based on the same format of the previous Avengers event and the strategies and goals here should be the same.

The players will be expected to complete missions and during them there is a chance a boss can appear. Up to five bosses can appear at any given time. When a boss appears players have the opportunity to fight the boss. The more bosses a player defeats, the more likely powerful bosses are to appear. Upon defeating bosses players earn ISO-8 Shards that are used to purchase card packs.

Overall, this event is pretty straight forward and requires using a combination of Energy and Power Packs. Players need to progress through missions in order to summon bosses and players need to be able to attack those bosses. So for the X-Men event, both types of packs are useful.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how to get a higher ranking during this event. Well, fortunately I learned some tricks during the last even that helps in the ranking.

About Points:
There are several different things you gain points for in a battle. The first is you gain some points for being the person that discovered the boss. This bonus is normally small but is meant to reward players for summoning bosses in missions. The second bonus players receive is the finisher bonus. This bonus goes to the person who deals the killing blow on the boss. The final and most lucrative way to gain points is the MVP bonus. MVP is given to the player who contributes the most points on a boss. These are the achievements when you beat a boss that reward points.

About ISO-8 Shards:
These are rewarded for other things during a boss fight. The first way to gain shards is the damage bonus. This determines a certain amount of shards to be given to you solely on how much damage you did to the boss. The more damage, the more shards. The second way to gain shards is the body part bonus. A boss has two health bars, one for main health, another for body part. Damage will be applied to both parts of the boss and you will receive purple ISO-8 Shard for damaging a bosses body part.

How to use this knowledge to your advantage?
Well, that's the easy part. First things first, try to push through missions when either no bosses are up or a couple bosses are up. This way you have the highest odds of gaining the initiation bonus. Your order/team will normally be happy to help because if they're out of Energy, they're waiting for a boss. Next, if you want to maximize points ideally you'll push to do 51% of the damage to the boss before inviting teammates. MVP bonus is the biggest bonus and 51% ensures its yours. You'll also get a lot of shards for damaging the boss and the body part. Finally, you can resort to sniping bosses but it can be pretty difficult. This involves attempting to get the last hit on every boss that's up and personally I don't like this method. The people you're sniping from are your order members and team members. It's kind of a dick move.

Finally, if you are a newer player or a veteran with a weaker deck, attack every boss once with a low power card. This ensures you'll get some of the shards that increase your chance of pulling cards that can improve your deck. It's very easy during the course of events like this to get your deck completely stocked with Rares and possible to get lucky with some SR.

**SIDENOTE** The system is flawed in the way points are distributed because a player could feasibly contribute and get nothing from the contribution. The most recent event in Rage of Bahamut was based on the Avengers event with some alterations. If Mobage takes those changes and applies them to the flaws in the Avengers event the game will heavily favor attacking every boss once.

Event Cards:
Even the lowest event cards can offer huge boosts during this event. I highly recommend getting them if you are able. The lowest ranked one will offer a 300% boost. It looks like for the event the cards will be Psylock, Storm, and Havoc which I find disappointing. Magneto has enough true nemesis that they didn't have to reach into nowhere and pull out Psylock and Havoc. But these cards are awesome for the event and picked up immediately.

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  1. I'm excited for this event, too. I've been waiting for a X-Men event to show up since they're my favorite. I also think that they could've brought better cards than Psylocke and Havoc who already have cards. I wish they would've brought Professor X or some better X-Men.