Wednesday, December 19, 2012

X-Men Event Enraged Enemies

Today Marvel War of Heroes began the enemy vengeance campaign and we can expect it to shake things up quite a bit. Enemy vengeance refers to the fact occasionally Magneto or Juggernaut will be enraged with glowing red eyes. These enemies are stronger than the other other versions and drop purple shards instead of Green or Red. Another fun fact is that you do 1.5x damage to them, meaning you gain 1.5x points.

For a lot of players who have been waiting enhancing their Professor X's, Cyclops', and Psylocke's this will help them rise to the top. Not only do they have finished high level bonus damage cards, but they will also be doing almost double damage on top of it.

Purple Shards offer some extra prizes that the other shards don't as well. Not only is there now a chance for a full personal power pack to drop, but there is also a chance for Ultimate Card Pack tickets, SR Ultron, and SSR Annihilus.

Marvel War of Heroes Annihilus

How to maximize now?

When I get an enraged boss I damage him down to just over half way, then I share him. The enraged boss will net team members 1.5x points, and it greatly increases my purple shards. If I'm able to get purple shard bonuses from two enraged bosses for the attack power I would spend on one by sharing it with my team, that's a win for all of us.

On the home stretch here, I would advise all players to share their enraged bosses once they hit 50%. The reason for this is because those purple shards are valuable and can get you additional power packs, and doing over 50% damage ensures you the star agent reward. Alliance members are highly likely to attack enraged bosses because of the double damage bonus and not getting charged the five attack points.

Attack your other bosses with a weak card and share them so players with no bosses up can attack them, otherwise, ignore them unless you're attack capped. The extra bonus from enraged makes them the bosses to target.

Good luck on the home stretch!


  1. For this event, shards are awarded based on Time/Rush, Destruction(everyone gets shards for destroying the weakness part), and First contact. The Star Agent and Last Strike bonuses only apply to raid points.

    Most efficient would be only hitting bosses you found once then sharing and going after star and last strike on bosses your team shares with you.

    1. I'm concerned about maximizing points, not shards. Although you may think you would maximize shards by hitting everything once, you may actually find yourself worse off because your alliance and team don't participate. I actually won't hit a boss unless it's enraged and I know a lot of players who hit once, nobody hits it. Then the player doesn't get the destruction bonus, first contact bonus, or time rush bonus.

      Go for 50% damaged on enraged enemies. Honestly, only share enraged enemies at this point because nobody is going to help on normal enemies anymore.

    2. I see, although every time you attack bosses you discover, it costs 5 extra AP while attacking other other people's bosses is strictly half of total AP of your attacking deck. Going heavy on your team members/alliances' bosses will always net more points for the AP spent than on your own.

    3. Yeah, the problem I have with it is you can't control if you're the star agent. Personally if Star Agent was given out to top three players, I would be all about attacking other peoples bosses instead of your own.

      I just noticed today that attacking other peoples bosses seem to be reducing the cost more than the normal 5 AP as well. Dunno if it's just me or if I missed something though.

  2. Also, you clutter your teammates's qeue with regular bosses while they're looking for enraged ones, I almost threw a guy out of my alliance yesterday for that.

    1. Yeah, I was removing people on my team who aren't sharing enraged.

      All week long I didn't have any issue with my queue filling so I figured sharing all of them wouldn't be an issue at first. Since part two of the event started it seems lots more people are participating, causing my queue to be filled with crap.