Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Create a Strong Deck

A lot of people in Marvel War of Heroes (WoH) wonder how to create powerful decks. They commonly just max whatever the rarest cards they have assuming that this will yield the best result. Sometimes players get lucky when creating a powerful deck, sometimes they struggle only to create a deck that's weak for their level. Hopefully this guide to deck creation will help new players assemble their decks.

Choosing an alignment:
Currently in Marvel War of Heroes speed is the most popular alignment but that doesn't mean it's the best. Depending on the deck you're creating the alignment you may want to choose will switch up.

Best Attack:
1) Speed
2) Bruiser
3) Tactics

Best Defense:
1) Tactics
2) Speed
3) Bruiser

It's important to pay attention to buffs/debuffs in cards. I will note that buffs are more powerful than debuffs. The short form of this is: Specific alignment buffs/debuffs have higher percentage than (ALL) buffs/debuffs because they are more targeted. Since you can control the cards in your deck, but not the cards in your opponents deck, it makes sense for your buff cards to be alignment specific and your debuff cards to be (ALL). This means that debuffs will almost always have skills that are several percent less powerful. And ideal deck will buff a specific alignment, a step down would debuff (all), the next lowest will be self buffs, the lowest cards will be random debuffs to specific alignments.

Deck Layout:
A deck consists of five cards. The first, second, and third cards are your core. The last two cards are called wing cards. The skill on wing cards is considered less important than the core cards because they are less likely to go off. So, ideally your deck will have three cards with powerful abilities, and two cards with powerful stats.

Common to Uncommon:
The first step to creating a powerful deck in Marvel War of Heroes will be moving from common cards into uncommon cards. This is easily accomplished by farming early levels that only cost three energy per card. Once you gather ten of a certain uncommon card, Fuse them all into their rare cards. Maxing them before hand is not necessary because they are such low rarity you will be replacing them.

Uncommon to Rare:
Hopefully you get lucky in card packs and are able to gather some rares. This is where things start to get trick in Marvel War of Heroes deck creations. At this point before you start leveling your cards its important to look at what you have and decide which direction you should go. Try to ensure that at least two of your cards have great buffs/debuffs and your others have high stats. In order to get pairs of cards you will need to trade within your alliance and team. If you have specific cards you can post in your daily rallies what you're looking for and what you're looking to trade. The key is to try to gather pairs so you can fuse them into SR.

Rare to SR:
This is the most difficult jump in the game. The reason for this is that the rough value of a Rare card is 1 Power pack or less (generally less). The value of the least expensive SR cards are about 5 Power Packs. That isn't the only issue though, players don't need rares if they have a lot of SR, so they won't trade SR for R, you actually need to get the power packs. You can sometimes find low level players on forums that may pay a couple power packs for a final properly formed rare. The key thing will be you need to liquidate the cards for PP in order to gain the PP to buy SR.

SR to SSR:
It takes about four to six SR to equal a single SSR, sometimes more. That makes this the second hardest jump in the game. The easiest way to do this is to find players looking to trade down from their SSR. If you are willing to trade some of your final form SR cards, you can normally slowly gather these through trading cards.

SSR to UR:
Much easier than the other two. UR cards normally have a rough value of two SSR. Because of this, normally a fully formed properly created SSR can be traded for a base Ultra Rare.

Quick Tips:
1) Black Widows are very cheap and effective. By using six Black Widow, immediately combining them into two ++ versions of the card, you can max them and create the +++ version for minimal cost and it will only be 150pts less than eight cards maxed sixteen times.

2) Stack cards of the same type. This way the buffs effect them all and are easy to control. Mixing alignment weakens your deck.

3) In order to get to SR, liquidate rares to low level players for Power Packs, then use the powerpacks to buy cards. Players with SR don't trade for Rares virtually ever.

4) Boosting cards is very expensive. Because of this players are normally willing to pay a little extra not to have to do it themselves. Keep that in mind for trading.

The exact process I would take: 
Get 10 uncommon wolverine from the Operation 2 Mission 3. I would fuse these all together immediately for my attack deck. I would then go through missions until Operation 6 Mission 3 where I would farm for 10 Captain Americas which I would fuse together immediately.

After fusing those cards they would be rare and I would level your five Rare Wolverine and Five Rare Captain Americas each to roughly level 20. There is no point in maxing them.

At this point in Marvel War of Heroes I would try to gather Black Widows. Generally people will sell them for 15,000 silver each pretty easily. I would then engage in 'tip 1' of creating six card evolutions of them.

At this point it becomes hard. Actively try to sell every rare you're not using for PP. If you send out feelers constantly you can slowly gather PP. Once I would get 10ish PP I would aim for SR Nova's. They are dual utility and since you can't get SR quickly it will work well with the Black Widows as you slowly gain strength. You can also get SR human torches if you want to push pure offense but they cost more. I would then try to continually slowly gather PP by selling feeder cards/silver for them. Each time you finish an Nova/Torch, you can liquidate a Final Form Black Widow for PP.

At this point there really is only one jump and that's to SSR Ghost Rider. The only way to do this is to hunt for a strong order since you'd have an SSR deck. Then you'll need to liquidate your rewards for SR/SSR/PP that you can trade. Look for people trading down.

Your final bump would be to UR Spidey, but that should be a long way off.

At least that's how I would do it. Accompishing the UR Widow deck should happen pretty quick, after that it becomes time consuming but that's the fun of Marvel War of Heroes.



  1. Hello mate! I'm a bit confused by this one! Just picked up about 20 rares from the last event but the game isn't giving me option to trade or receive power packs as gifts. How are you getting all these pp's?
    Also I have 16 black widows, by liquidate do you mean fuse n boost to sell or swap for pp's?

    1. You need to be friends with somebody for two weeks or in an alliance with somebody for two weeks. This means that you have to resort to your network. Look for players who you've been connected to for two weeks and try to trade with them.

      Your alliance can also help if they are social by letting people on their team lists know your looking to liquidate some cards and work as a go between for you. This widens your spectrum of people you can trade with.

  2. What's the source on the deck layout? You claim that only positions 1, 2, and 3 will proc, but I've never seen this info before. I'm not doubting you, I'd just love to know where I can do more research!

    1. I read it ages ago on neoseeker I believe.

      Skills are operated differently in Marvel than Rob, but there are some similarities. For example it works on a waterfall system with a max of three going off. You place your top three cards in the top three spots to ensure there is a chance to get all three going off.

      You normally want to try to use wing cards with high stats because the likelyhood that those last two go off is low,simply because if you've had two procs already the chances of a third are lower.

      Cards also have proc chances though that alter this. Some have very low, average, or relatively high. These will alter the chances of going off if the procs get that far. So I try to get cards with high proc chances like Juggernaut and Iron Fist on the wings because they get a little extra chances. Kind of like a safety net.

      Hope I was clear :)

    2. Thanks for the reply - you were very clear! I love your blog - thanks for all the hard work!

  3. Ok I confused on how to get the max power out of my cards I have a professor x and only got him up to 7000 ATtack I've seen him at 10000

  4. You first max levels through boosting.

    You then max mastery by battling.

    You then fuse the two cards that are both max levels and mastery and then max level and master the final form. The final form will have just over 10k.

  5. I know i may sound stupid but i am new here and i have a question! :)
    How do i change my deck?! everytime i check i have the same main card on my deck but different cards next to it and they get masteries without me wanted them to! i think its probably due to my attack power.. am i right? how can i have an easy access to my deck without pressing "battle" and then edit deck..
    i was looking for a guide for low levels but i couldnt find anything!
    sorry again i may sound like a noob but i am! xD

    1. As you lose attack power the recommended deck will choose from what your attack power can support. That's why the deck changes normally.

      You should take the time to create specific decks. If you go into menu and deck edit you can choose to add decks with the cards you select. If you increase the priority of the deck it will become the default one to use.

      You should normally have about 2-3 Other decks besides your priority depending on the event. For example, for Raider Events I will have a 3 Card Deck, a 2 Card deck, and a 1 Card Deck based on how much damage I want to do to the raid boss.

      In Shield Training I may have two Decks, a powerful attack deck, and a wallbreaker deck.

      On the mastery subject, your cards gain mastery through quests at Random. The cards in your selected deck take priority until capped, then it chooses randomly from all your cards on which ones gain mastery. You also gain mastery by attacking and winning against other opponents. Every card in your attack deck that is not capped will gain 1-5 Mastery based on the level of the opponent if you win.

    2. I havent gotten to the training portion of the game. So how is it that when people trade you can get like 10 to 15 power packs? Do people just have crap loads of power packs laying around or is there something I'm missing in the game?

    3. People don't have crap loads, but there are a lot of people who purchase PP. Generally, you are trading cards for cards until you can get a good enough deck to get into a higher ranked alliance. Higher ranked alliances normally have pretty nice trade networks that have more people in them who purchase cards/pp.

  6. How does one get into a better alliance? I am lvl 38 and currently in a lvl 23 alliance, rating 3551. Should I look for a new alliance to join or am I in a pretty good one already? Also how should I go about joining a better alliance?

    1. The best way to get into a better alliance is to increase your stats first. If you have an attack/defense of about 35k each I believe you can get into a top 1000 order easily. 35k can be achieved with rares. If you hit 40k attack/defense top 500 should be achievable. Normally 50k+ is required for anybody in the top 200s.

      If your alliance isn't using line or palingro to communicate you should attempt to find a more active one. Not all players want to use line/pal but the alliance should want to be friends and socialize.

      The worst alliance I've ever been in during Marvel was one in the 500s that never communicated. I then moved to one in the 200s that communicated quite a bit and were pretty awesome guys, until I was recruited to one I'm in now which is a top 20 during Shield training, and top 5-10 during Raid Trainings. One of the reasons they are so DAMN STRONG, is because of their communication.

      Personally, I feel that if you are active, use Line/Pal, even with a slightly weaker deck you should be able to find a fun/active top 1000s.

  7. Very helpful thanks i have 2 ur spidy
    An 2 ssr fire blast human torch
    Should i fuse them ? it would kind of
    Start me over again. Its been fun creamin most everybody i find im at lv 60. Thanks again.

  8. Lucarda.
    I have been playing for 11 days and alread hit over 40k.(2 accounts helps...) Looking for a good alliance and trade network. Should be over 50k here soon once i can trade amongst my 2 accounts.

    any site for serious players to reguister with or is it a randome process?