Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Best Cards R/SR

In Marvel War of Heroes there are several cards that constitute the best in their tiers. This is primarily because they offer the highest stats with the best buffs. Each rarity has cards that are considered better than the rest and I just wanted to make a quick list of what I consider the top three cards in each tier and why, starting at Rare because commons and uncommons are replaced so quickly. These are the best marvel war of heroes cards by rarity.

Best Rare Marvel War of Heroes Cards:

1) Bedrock Thing 
2) Nova Corps Nova
3) Maria Hill

Honorable Mentions:

Ball of Fire Human Torch, Mjolnir Thor, Jigsaw, Ultimate Fist Iron Fist.

Bedrock thing I consider the best card among rares for his high defense and powerful boost. At 6924 Defense he offers the highest out of the rares and brings a notable increase to bruiser defense. This means that if you stack five of him, not only will you have just under 35k base defense, you will have buffs to bruiser to increase it even higher.

Nova Corps Nova makes number two for being an extremely balanced card. Not only are both his attack and defense over 6000, his defense hits 6.6k and he has a buff to both attack and defense of speed cards. Although this means the buff is weaker than a pure buff, his well balanced stats make him a solid addition.

Maria Hill makes third place on my list for her high defense in the speed category. She offers a 6.7k defense while offering a notable buff to speed defense. Within rare cards she's only second to Bedrock Thing defensively and she works well with Nova and Ball of Fire Human Torch.

Honorable Mention category are cards that are strong in their own right, but don't make top because of their unbalanced natures. Ball of Fire Human torch for example offers a 6.4k attack but only maintains a 5.8k defense. Although he is a fantastic card when used offensively, I feel that the balanced nature of Nova for both attack and defense wins. Bedrock thing makes it despite his imbalance based on his pure dominance in defense hitting almost 7k.

Best SR Marvel War of Heroes cards:

1) Vibranium Shield Captain America
2) November Foxtrot Nick Fury
3) Cloned Eliminator X-23

Honorable Mentions:
Unleashed Power The Thing, Centurian Prime Nova, Repulsor Beam Iron Man, Logan's Spirit Wolverine.

Vibranium Shield Captain America takes spot number on for being a high stat specialist again. Not only is he rocking almost 9k defense but he offers a pure defensive buff to tactics cards. This means that if you stack pure him in a deck, he is going to be a tough nut to crack.

November Foxtrot Nick Fury is number two for a solid attack and defense while bringing an attack all buff to the table. There is no denying that SR cards are tougher to come by than rares. Because of that, having a card that can buff all your attack cards whether they are Tactics, Speed, or Bruiser helps. He might not offer the best attack or defense, but he holds his own in both those stats as well.

Cloned Eliminator X-23 makes it for perfect balance. Just under 8k attack and defense while bringing a powerful self buff to the table makes her a viable card for any deck. Although there are other cards out there that are more of specialists, with the limited nature of SR quality cards she is extremely versatile.

Honorable Mentions category this time has Thing, a reasonable argument could be made that he should be in the top three for his heavy defense and solid buff again. Centurian Prime Nova makes it for being very balanced and an asset to the speed category. Repulsor beam Iron Man loses a spot on the top list because his buff is to attack and defense of tactics cards, with a proper tactics deck he could easily be the most valuable card outside of captain. Finally, Logan's Spirit Wolverine for having a buff that can be used by every card, although his defense is so low you would virtually never use him in a defense deck.


  1. How did you get on in the last event mate? I'm going to end up with about 4 she hulks by the look of it! Lol so close to a phoenix!!! I'm sure you'll do a special post nearer to the time but do you reckon I should pile my points on energy for the next xmen event? I should have a spot open by tonight, I'll send you a team mate request, my tag is dementord!

    1. I'm not sure. My order was sitting at 60ish the entire time until the last day. The last fight I saw before we went to bed we dropped down to just over 100. I really wanted Phoenix too. I'm just hoping that we managed to push it over the hump.

      So, although it looks like I'm in line for 4 she-hulks but I'm hoping to get 2 She Hulks and a Phoenix.

  2. do u consider the new punisher a good card? nice skill and best wallbreaker

    1. I think the new punisher is a nice card. If they use the same Wall Breakers for every event he will be mandatory for many players.