Monday, December 10, 2012

Marvel War of Heroes Silver

Earning Silver in Marvel War of Heroes is arguably one of the most difficult tasks. I can say that for a while it had me scratching my head since it always appeared I was working with almost no silver. Now, events and selling the cards you earn during them is one way to earn some extra silver, but overall Marvel War of Heroes makes it a bit of a struggle.

Earning silver isn't too difficult though and isn't that different than gathering feeders. The easiest way is to farm the early missions and operations for normal cards which you will sell for a little over 200 silver each. If you gain about 3000 silver per 60 energy selling cards this accounts for about 20-30k a day if you check every hour or two. Now, when you're enhancing powerful cards, you know that 20-30k doesn't come close to being enough. That's why you need to stack this with other methods.

*Thx to Joel for pointing out if you want pure silver, Operation 3-5 offers more silver if you sell all the cards. Since I am normally gathering feeders as well, I prefer operation 2*

Selling Rares: Do not sell rares to vendors. If you have new players in your team or alliance list, you can sell Rares for a lot more than the 12k that the game offers. A lot of players will pay a lot more silver than that for a rare.

Events: A big key to gathering silver comes from minimizing costs of things. Silver in Marvel WoH is given out in heavy amounts during events, normally at the end of one you can have a pretty significant stockpile. When you participate in an event, participate heavy and understand that the silver won't last forever, so don't just spend it all willy nilly.

Marvel War of Heroes Vibranium silver
Vibranium, event card worth 10k silver
Boosting: The easiest way to save silver is to boost cards as cheaply as possible since this is what almost all your silver is spent on. You should be farming the low levels and selling the common cards all the time, save all the uncommon. When you have a card you want to boost, if you stockpiled and fused the uncommons you've been gathering, you will be able to boost a card very quickly and cheaply.

Selling Boosters: Sometimes players in your alliance have a lot of silver but want to boost a card quickly. During this time you can gather and fuse cards to their final form and sell them to any alliance members needing them. They get cards fast rather than waiting for their energy to replenish or using energy packs, and you get silver. Works out for everybody.

Hopefully this helps some people having silver issues.


  1. As a note it seems that perhaps the best mission for farming silver is 3-5. 500+ and 900+ for the commons and uncommon.

    1. Hm. I would say yes, but the uncommons from the 2- missions also pay over 900. Lets say you get the uncommon 20% of the time, and for the sake of this lets say you draw all cards.

      120 stamina: 40 cards on 2-3. 8 uncommon 32 common. Common 225 each, uncommon 900 each. 14.4k

      120 Stamina: 20 cards on 3-5. 4 uncommon 16 common. Common 500 each, uncommon 900 each. 11.6k

      So, for gathering and possibly selling uncommons from a pure farming standpoint, the second operations are better.

  2. I didn't really detail it out enough. The mockingbird is 500+. The enchantress is 900+. The wolverine is 900+. If you hit a silver, instead of card it is 1,600.

  3. If you use a 35/35/10/10/10 split 2-4 would give 13.8K silver and 3-5 14.8K roughly.

    1. Hm. I guess my only real reason for still doing operation 1 is that I need to gather uncommons at a higher rate for boosting.

      But if pure silver is what somebody is after, it seems that 3-5 would be the way to go.

    2. Small question.
      When getting the feeders, you always fuse common ones before using them to boost a card, right?

    3. I only start fusing when the card gets to level 20ish or so. The reason being that they cost over 1000 to fuse. But yes, after the card is level 20, always fuse. Personally I often push to 30 just based on time.

    4. That was very helpful!
      Congrats for the blog, it's a nice place to look for information ;)

  4. Hi Lucarda,
    How can a hide my silver again after I have collected it?
    I hear you can trade it and then cancel the trade, but I haven't been around long enough to trade yet. Are there any other ways?

    1. Only way to do it is hiding it in trade. Sorry :(