Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hidden Event Cards

So, I don't know of an effective way to describe it, but there appear to be hidden event cards. These are cards that are giving massive damage bonuses despite not being listed as being part of the event. I found it interesting to say the least since Havok was such a disappointment with only a 200/300 buff.

So, while player rush to pick up Cyclops and Xavier, I randomly came across the fact that SSR She-Hulk+ actually appears to proc a huge bonus. Not quite a thousand but over 500% is what I've seen. Its definitely not the boost for bruisers since both Havok and She-Hulk are bruisers but she does close to triple his damage.

I don't know if this is working as intended, or it's a glitch that will be remedied. I have heard that one of the Hawkeye cards also has a boost, but I haven't been able to verify it.

Since Havoks boost is less than expected, and Phoenix Force isn't offering one (despite that 'future event' text I saw) I'm fairly pleased with the fact that She-Hulk is offering a nice big boost.

Marvel War of Heroes Raider Cards

Maybe not as secret as I  thought. I have no idea where this picture was taken from because I've looked all over the page to find it. Thanks to Sean below for linking it. Either way, the boost seems to be pretty heavy on She-Hulk.


  1. It's...somewhat hidden...

  2. Apparently, the event Hawkeye rares also give a boost.

  3. Question about the reward cards (based on your experience with RoB):

    So the bottom tier reward cards are tagged as having special abilities for the next event. What could these special abilities potentially be? I know that depends partly on the type of event that comes next (which a description of the third type of event that happens in RoB would be helpful, since I can't really get a handle on it from what I've found online), but examples out of RoB would be nice.

    1. One of the reward cards was bonus to wall damage during the HW equivalent event.

      They may be point boost cards if the next event is another HW equivalent. It could also be any type of point boost.